It can happen that you have send a transaction of a certain token and that you see your token is moving out of your wallet but doesn't comes in the recieved wallet.

99% of the time this has to do with 0 TRX in your wallet balance or that your wallet isn't activated yet. The Tron Network ask for the transaction a fee, paid in TRX. So when you have a balance of 0 TRX and you send, as example, 10 BTT then the 10 BTT will be moved out of your wallet but is gonna hang in the blockchain, because you can't pay the transaction fee of Tron Network

Also the wallet needs to be activated before you can use it for the first time. That is simple to do. Just send some TRX to your wallet address (tab RECIEVE) and it is activated.

Below image is an example, that you have 0 TRX. Then you can't send any tokens to a different wallet.

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