To use DApps that you do not see listed, please do the following:

  1. Open the Dapp Browser  (globe-like icon bottom 2nd from left)
  2. On the bottom click the 🔎 (search)
  3. Type the URL of your favorite DApp - ex. tronbet.io
  4. Press ‘GO’
  5. Hit the "Favorites" symbol to add them to your favorite tab.

Next time you want to use that DApp, it will be in the "History" and the "Favorites" tab


🔥DApps Quick-access - MagicLinks 🔥

Please click the MagicLink below to be taken directly to your favorite DApp.

Once inside your DApp, please ‘Like’ to Add it to favorites

TronBoardGames - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/tronboardgames

Eggiest World - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/EggiesWorld

TronCity - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/TronCity

888Tron - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/888Tron

TWX TronWin - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/TRONWIN_TWX

TronWin - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/TRONWIN

TRONbet - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/TRONbet

TronWatchMarket - https://tronwallet-mobile.app.link/TWX

DApp publishers: Get your MagicLink at https://www.tronwallet.me/magic-link

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