In this article we wanna explain what HORA token is and you get answers about the most Frequently Asked Questions


How to withdraw HORA token ?

  • To withdraw HORA token from the app you need the TronWallet app (links are below this article). When you already have a wallet address then you can use that address to put it on the withdraw panel in the game and click max and then click withdraw and wait up to 48 hours (working days).
    When you don't have a wallet address yet, then create a new wallet after installing the TronWallet app

Why my HORA token pending ?

  • It takes 48 hours (working days) to unlock your HORA tokens. After that 48 hours you can transfer them to a different wallet address as explained in the question "How to withdraw HORA token"

How to convert or exchange HORA into TRX ?

Can I withdraw directly to FAUCETHUB ?

  • For direct withdraw to FAUCETHUB, you have to create a HORA deposit address and put it on the withdraw panel on the game and it will be done in less than 48 hours (working days).
    FAUCETHUB takes less than 1 hour to detect the transaction

If I made a withdraw and the address is linked to FAUCETHUB, where will HORA be send to ?

  • It will be send to your TronWallet address. FAUCETHUB is a wallet but not a real one, it's just a virtual wallet and you can withdraw from it and deposit into it.


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Rewarding token that will be used in video games. Hora Tokens can be gained ( mined ) only by playing Crypto Idle Miner, Hora Games mobile game. Hora Token has a monthly minting limit of 100m tokens, and the entire supply should be distributed in the next 10 years.

Total supply: 12 000 000 000, it is minting token that has a limit of 100m of tokens / month, so currently there is 100m in circulation.

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