TRON, while comparable to the Ethereum network, proposes some interesting new features aimed at solving a few issues that plague users on most existing blockchains. They are a type of resource earned through using the “Freeze” function from within your TRX wallet.

The act of freezing your TRX tokens will lock them in place for a certain number of days, rendering you unable to trade or sell them until they are unfrozen. In exchange, your wallet is rewarded with resources that enable you to take certain actions with it.

What does it do?

Bandwidth: Having TRON bandwidth allows you to perform transactions on the TRON mainnet without paying any gas fees. Having sufficient bandwidth is crucial when using for dApps, where you might want to make several smaller transactions without having to worry about using your TRX tokens in the process. Bandwidth is also used to cement yourself as an active member of the TRON community, allowing you to cast votes for Super Representatives.

Energy: This is a special resource used to process smart contracts on the TRON network. Smart contracts consume Energy in addition to Bandwidth, so be sure you have enough of both when moving your tokens around!

How to Freeze Bandwidth or Energy?

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