On your Accounts Screen (the page you land after launching the app), right below your account cards, there will be a row with navigation buttons. Tap on the Freeze Button to be taken to the Freeze Screen where you can freeze your TRX (required to generate Tron Power which is used to vote on Super Representatives) or for Energy to trigger the Smart Contracts of Dapps. You will be asked to select an amount by tapping on the 'Freeze Amount' form and using the keyboard to input the amount value. Tap on the Freeze button after you have decided on a value and you will be redirected to a screen where you can review your transaction. When you are satisfied the information is correct, tap on Submit Transaction and follow your activity within TronWallet in the Transactions List Screen. If your transaction appears unconfirmed, this means it is being synchronized with Tronscan's network and it should be confirmed shortly

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